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  Release time:2017-03-30
Do you know Shanghai boasts a Great Theatre of China? Most of the citizens may shake their heads. In fact, the theater was once famous as well-known Beijing Opera actors in Shanghai used to perform there, and it is nearly forgotten just because of lapse of time. It was learnt at the Huangpu District meeting on strategic promotion of the Daguangming brand that by the end of the year, the theatre will reappear after renovation and become the venue for musicals and song and dance dramas with rejuvenation. Located on Niuzhuang Road, the Great Theatre of China was built in 1930, formerly known as Sanxing Stage. At the time it was specially for the shows of Beijing Opera, and was one of the four major stages for Beijing Opera where performing on the stage in the mid-1940s were Mei Lanfang, Cheng Yanqiui, Yuan Shihai, Li Shaochun, Ma Lianliang, Zhang Junqiu, Li Wanchuan, Yan Huizhu and other Beijing Opera artists. In the late 1950s, besides Be...
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Located at the economic , administrative and cultural center of Shanghai , Huangpu District serves as Shanghai's heart , window and business card . Geographic Location Located in the southwest end...