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Press Release
Gao Yun Surveys Friesland Shanghai
Source:【the Commerce Committee】 2018/5/16

Gao Yun, District Party Chief and District Governor investigated Friesland Food Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Friesland Shanghai for short) on the morning of May 3, with Chen Zhuofu, Standing Member of the CPC District Committee and Deputy District Governor accompanying.

Gao learnt about the information about enterprise organizational structure and leading businesses development introduced by Gao Ruihong, Chairman of Directorate of Friesland Shanghai, and Yang Guochao, Senior Vice President of Friesland Shanghai.

Dairy products market in China is still in the early stage, thus Friesland Shanghai has the broad market and bright vision for growth, echoing the increasing improvement of people’s living quality and need for high-quality life, said Gao. On the one hand, Friesland Shanghai was expected to cherish the opportunity of China further expanding opening-up, to add products classes and introduce more products into the market; on the other hand, Friesland Shanghai was expected to optimize corporate structure and actively strive for being accredited as a regional headquarters of multinational, thus enhancing close cooperation with Huangpu. The district would solidly help the company to solve difficulties of operation and development, jointly figure out solutions for product introduction, custom inspection and office building cost, strive for creating a good environment for corporate development, and help the company harvest better and brighter future in Huangpu.