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About Huangpu
Profile of Huangpu District

Huangpu District, located in the Southwestern area of the estuary of Huangpu River and Suzhou Creek, starts from Suzhou Creek to the North, faces with Huangpu River to the East and South, and extends to North Chengdu Road, Middle Yan’an Road, South Shaanxi Road, Zhaojiabang Road and South Ruijin Road to the West. Huangpu District covers an area of 20.52 square kilometers. The land area covers 18.71 square kilometers and the water area covers 1.81 square kilometers. The origin of coordinates of Shanghai is located in International Hotel in Huangpu District. There are 10 sub-districts: East Nanjing Road, the Bund, Ruijin’er Road, Middle Huaihai Road, Yu Garden, Dapuqiao, Laoximen, Xiaodongmen, Wuliqiao and Bansongyuan Road and 183 neighborhood committees in Huangpu District.


Huangpu District is the place of origin of Shanghai-style culture, the place of origin of China’s national industry and the birthplace of Communist Party of China. Long history created diversified culture in Huangpu District, e.g. the old city culture represented by Yu Garden, the contemporary and modern industrial culture represented by Jiangnan Shipyard, the architecture represented by the Universal Expo of architecture in the Bund and the classical Shanghai Shikumen architecture, and the revolutionary culture represented by the site of the first national congress of Communist Party of China. Huangpu District is the root of Shanghai and the starting point for the development of an international metropolis.


Huangpu District is the center of economy, administration and culture of Shanghai. It plays an important role in the overall development situation of Shanghai. Huangpu District ranks the first among other downtown areas of Shanghai in terms of fiscal revenue on district level. The district has distinctive features of service-oriented economy, buildings economy and foreign-related economy. The service sector accounts for 95.6% in regional economy. A high-end development system for the service sector has been established in the district. Key office buildings account for 56.6% of regional economy. 63 office buildings contributed 100 million yuan of tax revenues to the city, tanking the first among other downtown areas of Shanghai. Foreign-related enterprises account for 40.7% of regional economy. Huangpu District has abundant cultural resources. Several symbolic cultural facilities in Shanghai, e.g. Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Grand Theatre and Shanghai Culture Square are located in Huangpu District. The most representative theatres in Shanghai, e.g. Shanghai Concert Hall, People’s Grand Theatre and Tianchan Yifu Theatre, are also located in Huangpu District. There are several renowned scientific research institutes, e.g. Shanghai Academy of Social Science and Medical School of Jiaotong University, 7 demonstration experimental senior high schools and 10 level-three hospitals in Huangpu District. Urban appearance has changed and improved a lot in the district in recent years. Several “landmarks of Shanghai” are located in Huangpu District, e.g. the Bund, the People’s Square, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, Middle Huaihai Road commercial street, Xin Tian Di, Yu Garden and Tian Zi Fang. These landmarks of Shanghai have abundant connotation and distinctive features and are well-known all over the world. They showed the unique charm of Shanghai as a renowned international metropolis.


Huangpu District follows the new requirements of constructing “Four Benchmarking” and “Four Front Rows” of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Shanghai Municipal Government, adheres to the “joint action” strategic plans, voluntarily serves the construction for Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center, and with pioneering spirit, the district aims to become one of the most influential international downtown area in the world and an elite district in Shanghai.


Outlook of the future


During the “Thirteenth Five-year Plan”, Huangpu District will adhere to the “Four Overall” strategic layout, adhere to the “innovative, coordinative, green, open and sharing” development concepts, strictly follow the overall objectives of Shanghai for constructing “Four Centers”, Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center and a socialist modern international metropolis and the overall requirements of “innovation-driven development and transformation and upgrading of economy”, focuses on enhancing the quality and effectiveness of development, infiltrate new power into development with innovation on an overall basis, adhere to the reform and opening up policy for releasing more vitality for the city, take “strictly safeguarding urban safety and stability” as the bottom line, promote construction for economy, politics, culture, society, ecological civilization and Party construction, attach more importance to strengthen dynamics, expand opening up, address deficiencies, promote sustainable development and social equality, build up “Four Benchmarking”, make great efforts to realize “Four Front Rows”, realize regional socioeconomic development with higher quality, enhance people’s standard of living and lay a more solid foundation for constructing a Classical Huangpu and an elite district.


The objectives of Huangpu District on socioeconomic development during the “Thirteenth Five Year Plan” are: By 2020, complete the basic framework for a downtown district in a metropolis with the greatest influence in the world, become a core functional area of shanghai international financial center and international trade center, an important service area for the construction of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center, a core leading area for Shanghai international cultural metropolis, an elite district that is suitable for doing business, living and working, and a core symbolic area for a socialist modern international metropolis. The main objectives include:


—— Significantly enhance the quality and effectiveness of development. Maintain medium to high speed economic growth, and realize an 8% of annual growth for the fiscal revenue on district level. Further enhance the level of the service sector, and enhance the integration level of high-end service sector and headquarter economy to a leading level in China and a high level in the world. Basically complete construction for the integration zone of the financial sector in the Bund area, the central activity area in the Southern Bund area and the central activity area in Xin Tian Di, connect all public riverside lines along Huangpu River together, and construct East Nanjing Road and Middle Huaihai Road into a world-class commercial district.


—— Significantly enhance the living standard and quality of life for the people. Significantly increase the total input amount for people’s livelihood, complete land collection of renovation projects for old residential areas covering 26,000 households, install hygiene facilities for households with conditions for renovation, create more high quality jobs for the people, take a lead in realizing modernization of the educational system, further enrich the people’s knowledge on healthcare, make improvement on the existing social security system and provide better caring service to the elderly, further enhance the level of public service and take a lead in the city in terms of improving people’s quality of life.


—— Significantly enhance the soft power on cultural aspects. Make everyone more familiar with the Chinese Dream and socialist core value and significantly enhance the civilization quality of citizens and the civilization level in urban areas. Cooperate with the municipal government for promoting construction for the entertainment vitality center in the People’s Square and five major entertainment clusters in the Bund, the Creativity Wharf, Expo Park in the Western area of Huangpu River, Xin Tian Di and Fuxing Road. Give full play to the advantages of historical and cultural heritage, further improve the public cultural service system and further enhance the influence and radiation of urban cultural activities.


—— Further improve ecological environment. Advocate green and low carbon pattern for manufacturing and living, significantly enhance the level of saving and integrated utilization of resources, keep the comprehensive energy consumption unit added value and the total quantity of energy consumption to the lowest level in the city, continue to reduce the total amount of regional pollution discharge, significantly enhance regional greenery area, and create more livable urban environment. Further enhance the level of urban planning, strengthen the efforts of urban updating, make more efforts to protect historical heritage, further enhance the level of urban management, basically complete construction for a smart city, and set a good example for urban construction and urban management in Shanghai.


—— Enhance the level of governance in accordance with law. Take a lead in establishing a government ruled by law, continue to make improvement on the management pattern for the list, achieve profound development of an intensive, diversified and institutional negotiation and democratic system, establish a more completed social honesty system, guarantee the rights and interests of people and effectively maintain social equality and justice.


Functional Layout


During the “Thirteenth Five Year Plan”, apart from the “One Zone, Two Blocks and Five Areas” functional layout, Huangpu District will further intensify and optimize its functional layout, strengthen joint action of regional functions, promote integration of resources in wider scope and build up a new functional layout of “One Zone and Four Clusters”.


The integration zone of the financial sector in the Bund: Follow the objectives for constructing a core functional zone of Shanghai International Financial Center, follow the “One City and One Zone” strategic layout, focus on “rebuild financial functions, recreate financial appearance and reestablish financial brand”, accelerate to construct an integration zone of the financial sector in the Bund and functional enhancement, basically complete construction for an integration zone of the financial sector in the Bund, and establish a national and international assets management center, capital operation center and professional financial service center with good innovation guidance strength and influence.


The East Nanjing Road – People’s Square functional cluster: Take the joint action of business, tourism and culture as the bond, promote the joint and integrated development of East Nanjing Road commercial street and the People’s Square culture and business district, and build a world-class prosperous commercial district and world-famous integration area of culture and entertainment.


The Middle Huaihai Road – Xin Tian Di functional cluster: Adhere to international and high-end direction, accelerate construction for key business projects, promote the joint and integrated development of Middle Huaihai Road commercial street and Xin Tian Di international high-end business district, and build a fashionable and elegant world-class commercial district and an international high-end business district.


The South Bund – Yu Garden functional cluster: Guided by the concepts of inheritance and integration, accelerate the construction for key projects, promote the joint and integrated development of the South Bund and Yu Garden, and complete construction for a central activity area in the South Bund with international standard, a culture and tourism area with folk cultural features of Shanghai, and an international trade functional area for gold and jewelry gathering domestic and global high-end brands.


The Dapuqiao – Expo Park in the Western area of Huangpu River functional cluster: Focus on innovation and creativity, accelerate the construction for key projects, promote the joint and integrated development of Dapuqiao and Expo Park in the Western area of Huangpu River, and build an integration area for innovation and creativity with global influence and a popular business center.


Key Sectors


During the “Thirteen Five Year Plan”, Huangpu District will focus on high-end, international service sector and innovation strength, focus on developing the financial service sector, accelerate to complete transformation and upgrading of economy, attach more importance to enhance the quality and efficiency of developing six pillar sectors, and continue to enhance the district’s economic influence.


Make great efforts to develop the financial service sector. Focus on construction for Shanghai International Financial Center, focus on new business and new business pattern, explore new sectors, gather new strength and use new technologies, consolidate and enhance advantageous sectors e.g. stock, equity and trust, develop new financial sectors e.g. finance lease, entrepreneurship and investment, equity investment, merger and acquisition fund, private placement on secondary market, world-famous alternative investment and wealth management. Strengthen cooperation with state-level financial elements market and strategic functional subjects, accelerate the integration of head offices of large financial enterprises, functional business head offices and international financial institutions with global influence, continue to enhance the service functions and development level of the financial sector, construct Huangpu District into a nationwide external financial market service highland, an integration highland of new-type financial institutions e.g. international wealth management and venture capital investment, a demonstration highland of inclusive finance e.g. “Internet + Finance” and a comprehensive ecological highland of financial service and financial culture.


Further develop the business trade sector. Focus on the construction of Shanghai International Trade Center, take the opportunity of the pilot reform of promoting domestic trade circulation system, consolidate and enhance advantageous sectors e.g. petroleum, electricity, gold and food, accelerate the integration of domestic and international large trade enterprises, head offices of large chain brands, operation centers, accounting centers, sales centers, investment centers, management centers and purchasing centers, actively attract influential domestic and international trade organizations and trade promotion institutions to settle in the district, continue to enhance the integration and radiation ability of the trade sector, and construct Huangpu District into an international trade center and a core functional area.


Accelerate to develop the culture and creativity sector. Focus on the construction for a City of Design and a City of Creativity, further improve the layout of culture and creativity park, consolidate and enhance the advantages of No. 8 Bridge and Jiangnan Zhizao creativity parks, and stimulate these parks to expand as creativity streets and communities. Create a full industrial chain development pattern, construct a culture and creativity enterprise cluster with high vitality and good innovation and creativity ability, and construct Huangpu District into a symbolic district for culture and creativity sector gathering leading enterprises and creative designing masters, diversified creative products, prosperous market and with global influence.


Realize integrated development of professional service sector. Focus on the construction for a high-end, diversified and regularized professional service system, consolidate the development of advantageous sectors e.g. accounting, auditing, law and human resource, accelerate the integration of global brands, support leading enterprises in the accounting and auditing sector to accelerate the pace of extending industrial chain, further develop high-end human resource and management service, encourage and support law firms to explore their service sector. Strengthen the supportive and service functions of the professional service sector to the financial, trade and shipping sector, and construct Huangpu District into the most symbolic and influential integration place of professional service sector in Shanghai.


Actively develop the leisure and tourism sector. Shanghai is accelerating the construction for a world-famous tourism city. Actively construct a “National Tourism and Leisure Area”. Further enrich the connotation of urban tourism. Focus on construction for featuring tourism projects, e.g. Shanghai-style culture tourism, riverside landscape tourism, Red Tourism and shopping tourism. Take business as the foundation, tourism as the carrier, and culture as the support, nurture industrial and product chain with distinctive features and supplementary advantages, intensify the combined development pattern of business, tourism and culture with the unique features of Huangpu District and construct Huangpu District into a tourism destination with international standard.


Stably develop the shipping and logistics sector. Focus on the construction for Shanghai International Shipping Center, based on the fundamental advantages of the integration of international shipping, leading logistics enterprises and high-end freight transport agencies, further develop high-end shipping service sector, e.g. shipping economics and rating on ships, accelerate to attract famous shipping and logistics enterprises at home and abroad to settle head offices and core management agencies in Huangpu District, strengthen the functions of decision-making centers, windows and platforms of the shipping and logistics sector, create international shipping logistics service supply chain with complete categories and efficient allocation of resources, and accelerate to form a complete industrial cluster of international shipping and logistics sector.